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Personal Training

Here is what to expect when choosing Hervey Golf Fitness

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TPI Assessment

Understanding how a golfer moves is a prerequisite for effective training. This 16 step assessment will allow me to evaluate you for physical limitations which can inhibit swing efficiency, durability and, ultimately, enjoyment of the game. This will be the building block to work off of to build the perfect program for you.



Taking what was learned from the TPI Assessment, we will work together to build the perfect program to strengthen your weaknesses and enhance what you are already primed to do well. Personalized programming is what will maximize your game in minimal time!

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After we have assessed your movement patterns and addressed them by building your personal program the last (and continuous) step is to apply the programming. This is where I will personally coach you to ensure your training is performed optimally.


1/2 Hour - $60
1 Hour - $80
8 - 1/2 Hours - $435
8 - 1 Hours - $575

TPI Assessment - $125


Ready to start working with me to improve your game? Contact me now to get started


5130 Southport-Supply Rd SE #103

Southport, NC 28461

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